Friday, 30 October 2009

20 modified-release film-coated tablets

20 modified-release film-coated tablets is a improvisation solo which bounces on the edge of contemporary dance, physical theatre, instant poetry, voice and rhythm which that all creates.

Women swallows leaves that all falling down from trees in the autumn. It creates a dialogue of creatures existing and having actual party in her belly. They decide to send a letter to ground, specifying when exactly they gonna come back this year. Psychopaths with the tablets in their mouths. Together we are sending a message, to the other site of a room. Not arriving there though.
She is going to cook a soup. Stock from film-coat.

Works on improvisation solo, film editing and other mental issues are on my mind. And oh, I forgot to add I'm moving to London.


Wednesday, 28 October 2009

UPDATE: The Ophelia Project by Rhiannon Brace

The Ophelia Project

The Ophelia Project continues to take form in the cosy studio at Clapham North. Having recorded the soundtrack, I continue to experiment in the studio with formations in which to place my performers and structuring the small sections of the piece we have so far. At the last rehearsal we started running the piece from the opening of the piece until a few mintues in. Next rehearsal the flow of continuous choreography will double as more sections slot into place.

Present cast: Nicola Higgins, Alison Lamothe, Regina Fichtner, Mabel Encinas, Natalie Karamichali

Sound Technician: Barnaby Hughes

Sunday, 11 October 2009

News: "A Recall to Catherine the Great" - goes Baroque

"A Recall to Catherine the Great"

a piece between live-art, physical theatre &
pure action

...all performers working on just one character - the character of Catherine the Great - 1 character and 4 performers
...History meets (Auto-)Biography recall the history (of the east and west) of yesterday, today and tomorrow - caged in a 'living picture' and framed in an irony of baroque femaleness.

Yours sincerely,


Saturday, 10 October 2009

News on Stone Project

Hi All!
We came to the end with filming first part of a film. Now, on Tuesday, we'll start filming second part, what is really exciting (I hate this word, can you tell my WHY?). Oh, and here are photos, photos from few last sessions!
On photos you can see Magda Miziak, Asia BarliƄska, Agata Kwiek, Ola Piechnik (+ her shadow, haahaa), Ula Koss, Sylwia Kowalska and me.
I'm busy doing some serious film editing. While doing it, I found loads of funny stuff. I think seeing it together might be funny experience. So don't hesitate to look up for a short film of funny outtakes! (The second part of outtakes is coming soon :)