Wednesday, 31 March 2010

The Ophelia Project photographed by Paulina Czyz

Many thanks to Paulina Czyz who photographed The Ophelia Project in rehearsals in early March. It is wonderful to have such a high quality photographs to be used for the project.


Tuesday, 30 March 2010

The Ophelia Project to Perform at Riches Uncovered Festival

The Ophelia Project will be performing at Riches Uncovered which is a cultural festival happening in East London on 24th July 2010.

Please see the festival website for more details: -

Watch this space for details of further performances of The Ophelia Project over the next few months.

Director of The Ophelia Project

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Update: "Social Porn 2010" by Regina Fichtner work in progress

Working Methods: Everyday Movements / reduced movement dances

Stage 1 (solo - Performer: Antje Hildebrandt)
Stage 2 (solo -Performer: Regina Fichtner)
Stage 3 (duet - Stage 1 + 2 combined)

Social Porn:
Deals with Reality Shows, where the stories of particular families and individuals exposed live in front of the camera.
Using methods of Film, TV, Documentary, Body Language and everyday movements, the performers create ironic situations on stage, to reveal how these shows break the taboos.
The performance works with original texts of soap operas and scripted texts by the perforers.

Concept: Regina Fichtner
Performers: Regina Fichtner & Antje Hildebrandt

Post Scriptum: "Tower Hamlet" by W. Shakespeare / Feb 2010

Regina Fichtner mimed Hamlet & Claudius in "Tower Hamlet" by W. Shakespeare last February in London:

"When Hamlet sees the ghost, he's embodied by an incredibly talented female mime, conveying his fear, horror and fascination through her movement across the stage [...]" (LONDONIST 19/02/2010)

A large cast explore five different kinds of theatre: Traditional British Shakespeare, Stanislavski Tradition, Lecoq Tradition, Mime and the Grotowksi Tradition
in a performance of Hamlet

Director John Seaforth and Admiration Theatre
seek to exceed ordinary expectations of theatre
to explore theatre as an art form
in a way no conventional production does

Showing it's the not the story
but the way of telling that makes theatre creative

Performances were from the 2nd to 21st February
at The Courtyard Theatre, Hoxton Square.


This Sunday: "A Recall to Catherine the Great" by Regina Fichtner at the Jewish Museum London

The interactive Live Art Installation "A Recall to Catherine the Great" by Regina Fichtner is part of "Optimistic Immigrants"at the Jewish Museum London.
"A Recall to Catherine the Great": Regina originated from a German-Russian family, which came back from Russia to Germany in the 1970’s. The whole installation is about finding a home and a (cultural) identity.
In the middle of all this sits "A Recall to Catherine the Great".
Come along and have an audience with a special "Queen".

When you are in the presence of the QUEEN,
at no point must you show your back or touch her!



Optimistic Immigrants: A multimedia event exploring the lives and adventures of East European immigrants in London. Live-Music, Cinema, Performances and...Vodka inclusive.

Location: Jewish Museum London (Camden)
Date: Sunday 28th March 2010
Time: 7:30 pm

Previous exhibitions:
"Mile End Ancestors"
in East London, August 2009

"British Performance Festival"
at the pad in Mainz / Germany, October 2009

Further Information:

Monday, 22 March 2010

A weekend of performances!

The Ophelia Project takes to the Stage.

This weekend (20th and 21st March) the project performed at a sharing at Newington Dance Space in order to gain feedback on the performance. Newington Dance Space is a favourite of mine as we are always made to feel so welcome by such a friendly crowd. We enjoyed a lovely evening performing and watching other performances.

On Sunday we performed at a theatre pub, Brockley Jack Theatre. This was a very different space for us as it is much smaller than the space we are used to. The cast adapted very well to the smaller space and executed another performance with real professionalism and concentration.

We are going to enjoy a couple of weeks break now for Easter and to digest all the wonderful feedback we have gained. We will soon be in the studio again preparing for a season of summer performances.