Wednesday, 12 May 2010

The Ophelia Project at The Latin American Cultural Week - The Practice of Freedom at IOE Student Union

Rhiannon's The Ophelia Project will perform on Tuesday 18th at 18.30 followed by a solo performance by Natalie Karamichali who is a performer in The Ophelia Project.

During the performance we see the performers move in and out of formations battling with the comfort of group conformity and the freedom of the individual.

Concept/Artistic Direction: Rhiannon Brace
Assistant Director/Design: Alison Alexander
Cast: Natalie Karamichali, Mabel Encinas, Umi Pratsis, Beverley Palmer, Andi Snelling, Anita Karklina
Voice: Rhiannon Brace

For more information please see the link below: -

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