Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Post Scriptum: "Tower Hamlet" by W. Shakespeare / Feb 2010

Regina Fichtner mimed Hamlet & Claudius in "Tower Hamlet" by W. Shakespeare last February in London:

"When Hamlet sees the ghost, he's embodied by an incredibly talented female mime, conveying his fear, horror and fascination through her movement across the stage [...]" (LONDONIST 19/02/2010)

A large cast explore five different kinds of theatre: Traditional British Shakespeare, Stanislavski Tradition, Lecoq Tradition, Mime and the Grotowksi Tradition
in a performance of Hamlet

Director John Seaforth and Admiration Theatre
seek to exceed ordinary expectations of theatre
to explore theatre as an art form
in a way no conventional production does

Showing it's the not the story
but the way of telling that makes theatre creative

Performances were from the 2nd to 21st February
at The Courtyard Theatre, Hoxton Square.



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