Tuesday, 23 March 2010

This Sunday: "A Recall to Catherine the Great" by Regina Fichtner at the Jewish Museum London

The interactive Live Art Installation "A Recall to Catherine the Great" by Regina Fichtner is part of "Optimistic Immigrants"at the Jewish Museum London.
"A Recall to Catherine the Great": Regina originated from a German-Russian family, which came back from Russia to Germany in the 1970’s. The whole installation is about finding a home and a (cultural) identity.
In the middle of all this sits "A Recall to Catherine the Great".
Come along and have an audience with a special "Queen".

When you are in the presence of the QUEEN,
at no point must you show your back or touch her!



Optimistic Immigrants: A multimedia event exploring the lives and adventures of East European immigrants in London. Live-Music, Cinema, Performances and...Vodka inclusive.

Location: Jewish Museum London (Camden)
Date: Sunday 28th March 2010
Time: 7:30 pm

Previous exhibitions:
"Mile End Ancestors"
in East London, August 2009

"British Performance Festival"
at the pad in Mainz / Germany, October 2009

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