Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Update: "Social Porn 2010" by Regina Fichtner work in progress

Working Methods: Everyday Movements / reduced movement dances

Stage 1 (solo - Performer: Antje Hildebrandt)
Stage 2 (solo -Performer: Regina Fichtner)
Stage 3 (duet - Stage 1 + 2 combined)

Social Porn:
Deals with Reality Shows, where the stories of particular families and individuals exposed live in front of the camera.
Using methods of Film, TV, Documentary, Body Language and everyday movements, the performers create ironic situations on stage, to reveal how these shows break the taboos.
The performance works with original texts of soap operas and scripted texts by the perforers.

Concept: Regina Fichtner
Performers: Regina Fichtner & Antje Hildebrandt

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