Saturday, 5 September 2009

News on Stone Project

Hi all!
I'm Joanna and I'm quite new to Ophelia Collective... I think is high time to introduce my work!
Right now I'm working on a movement-based film, when we use stones a lot. Stones are playing methaphorical role of unsaid words, which are troubling us, situations which are heavy to forget, memories, which changed our life. Stones are heavy. Stones are hard to remove. Stones ARE existing in our life. In our film, we're dealing with them. We are living with them. And being with them.
And this is the first part of our film. About the second part, I'll talk later, when we'll start filming it.
On the last couple of days, we had quite a productive sessions. I hope you'll enyoj seeing the photos which are available on Picassa here


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