Friday, 18 September 2009

Scratch night at BAC - The Queen's Empire.

Frame making and technical rehearsals at Battersea Arts Centre in preparation of The Queen's Empire which opened the David Lynch themed Scratch night last night (17th September).

There was a great atmosphere at BAC and it was a great setting to perform The Queen's Empire.

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  1. Hello Girls,

    I just would like to say "thank u" to all of you performers, who made this woderful Scratch happen last Thursday. I think it was a great experience for all of us. I was very inspired by all of you and I'm really looking forward to rehearse with all of you:

    I'd like to work more on the figure/character of Catherine the Great - a piece between a live-art installation and a performance - all performers working on the same character of Catherine the Great - 1 character and 5 performers - special acting skills and movements/actions - the century of the Baroque and the Femaleness - ...

    Many thanks again and Big hugs,