Thursday, 3 September 2009

The Ophelia Project by Rhiannon Brace

I am a Welsh artist but currently living and making work in London. I studied Drama at Aberystwyth University where I specialised in directing and creating devised pieces of physical theatre. Since graduating I have been taking part in various projects and taking classes in contemporary dance. Recently in contemporary dance, there has been plenty of lively discussion about an apparent lack of female choreographers. In reaction to this discussion, I have formed The Ophelia Collective. The choreographers who form The Ophelia Collective are not comtemporary dancers, but artists with rounded experience and skills of different artistic disciplines.
The Ophelia Collective is also inspired by The Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood. This is a Sisterhood. A sisterhood created to support each other's work and to give us a voice. A voice that will become louder as we grow.
To commemorate this new collective, I am holding a series of workshops with a diverse group of female performers in order to devise a new piece of physical theatre. This piece is called The Ophelia Project. It draws upon images of Pre-Raphaelite women, and more specifically Ophelia, to create movement.

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