Monday, 21 September 2009

The Ophelia Project speaks......

Despite setbacks (including being locked out of our studio) The Ophelia Project is really starting to take shape. I have decided to use text to form part of the soundtrack which will be mixed with both music and sound effects. I have been looking at various texts having disregarded, for the moment, directly using Hamlet. This weekend I have been looking at Byron's poems many of which are perfect for The Ophelia Project and my only problem has been selecting the most suitable poems from his amazing wealth of work. I am also looking at Edmund Spenser and Shakespeare's Sonnets.


  1. I have added The Ophelia Project to the New Work Network's list of projects.

  2. Congratulations to Rhiannon and her "Ophelia Project" - The Ophelia Collective is selected by the Art Cetral in Barry/Wales.

    "The Ophelia Collective" will perform on the 8th of March in Barry.

    We are looking forward to seeing your performance...