Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Regina Fichtner: “A Homeless Queen”

My name is Regina, I am a Russian-German and I live in the East End of London. My name, my cultural background and my life here in London is an important part of my piece “A Homeless Queen” – A Recall to Catherine the Great.

When Catherine the Great (born in Germany/Prussian) ascended the throne in the 18th Century in Russia, she started to invite Germans to Russia to build up a new life in her new empire. From this time on a lot of Germans came to Russia to live there, like the past generation of my family did.

After World War II, and before and after the wall fell down in Germany, a lot of German-Russians came back to Germany and to, once again, build a new life.

My piece is about finding a home and (cultural) identity. “A Homeless Queen” is a Remix of the Russian tsar Catherine the Great; the Queen of England; and a reference to my name ‘Regina’, which means “Queen” in Latin.

A Queen’s Empire

The Homeless Queen meets David Lynch

17 September 2009 at 19:30 at Battersea Arts Centre

Artist/Director: Regina Fichtner

Performer: Rhiannon Brace, Sonja Bruehlmann, Regina Fichtner, Satoko Fujishiro,

Stage and Costume Design: Luca Paglia

The mysterious world of Lynch’s “Inland Empire”, his idea of a ‘film in a film’, becomes in this scratch an unknown historical and biographical ‘empire’ of Catherine the Great and the German-Russians, who are caged in a picture frame, a ‘living picture” on stage: “A Queen’s Empire”.

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